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Qu’est ce que le H4CBD ?

What is H4CBD?

May 7, 2023

Until now, it has remained relatively discreet, but it is now considered to be 100 times more powerful than CBD, the most popular legal cannabinoid. In France, H4CBD is still in its infancy, while in the United States it is attracting growing interest and is even available for purchase online. The few testimonials evoke a unique effect, mixing that of CBD and THC.

We investigated and here's what we discovered about the enigmatic H4CBD.

Are the effects of H4CBD well established? Although H4CBD was identified over 80 years ago, data on it remains very limited. In reality, all of the available information comes from a single study conducted in 2006 [1]. According to Shimon Ben-Shabat and his team, hydrogenated CBD presents:

* Anti-inflammatory properties (like most cannabinoids);

* A particular affinity with the CB1 receptors of our endocannabinoid system, mainly located in the brain and regulating the central nervous system;

* An action distinct from that of the original CBD, which has very little affinity with CB1 type receptors.

In addition to these scientific observations, some consumer reviews report an effect similar to traditional CBD, with enhanced well-being and a slight psychoactive effect, without however reaching the intensity of THC. However, it should be remembered that H4CBD is a recent product and that information regarding its effects is still limited.

In what forms can H4CBD be purchased and consumed? As mentioned previously, H4CBD is new. So much so that in France, at the time of writing this article, very few brands offer products based on H4CBD.

However, in the United States, it is already possible to obtain it online. However, H4CBD only appears to be marketed in bulk and in its pure form (H4CBD distillate). Of course, it is very likely that various finished products based on H4CBD will quickly see the light of day. From a legal point of view, the sale of H4CBD should not pose a problem, since it is neither THC nor its derivatives.

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